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Banking and Microfinance Training Programme at Guarantee Trust

Microfinance and Banking Apprenticeships at Guarantee Trust

Latest Banking and Microfinance Training Programme 2014 is available at Guarantee Trust Corporate Support Services Pty, Ltd in South Africa. The Banking Training Programme 2014 can boost your experience in banking sector, hence you should avail the latest opportunities available at Guarantee Trust by submitting your Microfinance Training Application at the earliest possible time. Guarantee Trust Jobs and Careers have also been announced previously in different sectors / departments. Now you can avail the Guarantee Trust Training Programme 2014 in Banking and Microfinance Department. The Banking Training is essential for you if you are planning to make your career in banking and finance. It is also expected that after completing the Microfinance and Banking Training / Internship at Guarantee Trust, you may get more better job opportunities and careers in Banking Sectors. So you should not miss the opportunities available for 2014 and apply at your earliest. Banking & Microfinance Training Programmes 2014 at Guarantee Trust Locations: Cape Town Durban Johannesburg Start Date: April 2014 Apply for the Virtual Bank Work-Readiness Program; to qualify you must have three year tertiary …

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