Correctional Services Learnership Programme in South Africa

Correctional Services Learnership Programme 2016 to 2017 is expected to be started soon at Department of Correctional Service Training Centre in Kroonstad, South Africa. DCS has trained almost 3 000 youth in last tow years, and it is providing its best services for distributing knowledge, experience and expertise among students or unemployed persons.

According to the Correctional Services Department, almost 3 007 persons from graduated youth have been trained from January 2011 to date through the Correctional Services Learnership Programme in South Africa. Almost 1 009 youth has done graduation from the Correctional Services Training Centre in Koonstad, in Free State.

According to the Official at Department of Correctional Services, South Africa:

The FET Learnership in Corrections is one of our flagship skills development programmes. It is not only aimed at creating a pool of entry level Correctional Officials, but it is also our response to the call, by President Jacob Zuma, to contribute to youth employment and poverty alleviation.

Our learnership is a prime example of work-integrated learning, being encouraged by the Department of Higher Education and Training, where learners are afforded an opportunity to engage in both theoretical (3 months), and practical (9 months),? learning,? said DCS? Minister Sibusiso Ndebele.

It is also worth mentioning here that South African Government has taken a good step to address unemployment in the country by expanding job opportunities and learnership programmes 2016. The government has taken this step to strengthen the youth by providing them the graduate development programmes or Learnership Jobs in South Africa. According to DCS, the learnership Programme 2017 at Department of Correctional Services is a partnership between DCS and Safety and Security Seta to educate and train the young people as correctional officials.

The Latest Correctional Learnership Programmes 2016 to 2017 are expected to be offered by DCS in South Africa. Correctional Services Learnerships Application Forms will be available soon for the 2017 session. There are a lot of Correctional Services Learnerships Vacancies and Internship Jobs in 2017, which may be announced soon through advert by the educational department.

Youth is also waiting for the Correctional Services Learnerships Adverts for 2016, as they are ready to get experience in various fields. They are expecting the Internship Programme 2017 by DCS to be announced soon. The men and women both under the age of 35 are eligible to take part in the correctional services learnerships in Gauteng, South Africa. They will go through the practical, theoretical and training programmes in different aspects of correctional services for 12 months. The Learnership will allow to you get a lot of experience, which will be helpful in getting a lot of career opportunities, employment opportunities and job offers from various big companies working in South Africa.

The main purpose of this Correctional Learnerships Programme 2016-2017 is to increase the correctional officials in South Africa after providing them with Correctional Training at the Department of Correctional Services. Hence if you are unemployed in South Africa and willing to get Correctional Services Experience, you should join the Learnership Job 2017 by submitting your application for correctional services internships at the earliest possible time.

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  1. Please email me more learnerships or call 0823938589

    • please email me learnerships and internship

      • I hereby wish to apply for a learnership and internship for 2016 , I am trying to get a job at Correctional Services for the last three years , and do not succeed .What am I doiing wrong ?

        Please , I am really interested in a job at DCS KImberley.

        Please help me with this !!!

        Thank you

        Maxine Brown

    • Please email me more leanerships and correctional service vacancy

    • I realy want to be part of the learners,so plz let me know when its open

  2. please sent me latest post.

  3. please sent me latest post on my E-mail [email protected]

  4. Hi I would like to know can I still apply for the learnership

  5. Hi there does anyone know when are the learnership forms are going to be issued out by DCS? if u know please share my email is [email protected] plz ppl.

  6. Oops! sorry its [email protected]

  7. Can I still apply for learnership?

  8. please inform me when the program is opened

  9. Hy i would like to know , how to apply for correctional service learnership?

    • Hi i would like to know where can i get application form and when.i have FET NQF LEVEL 4 can i apply with that

  10. Plis e-mail me available posts

  11. My feeling is that the youth of aliwal north are discriminated when it comes to being considered for placement on the learnership programme at the goedemoed prison because they are in the eastern cape yet they are the nearest to goedemoed management area in all towns surrounding goedemoed prison,in the past three years since the inception of the learnrship programme the are very people who have been placed on the programme from aliwal north,upon inquiring about this I was told that preference is given to people who reside in the free state regardless how far they stay from goedemoed prison,its unfair to the youth of aliwal north who aspire to be join the correcional services and serve their counry

  12. And in the eastern cape we are very far from prisons that appear in the advert,now where is our alternative that’s the question,pls direct the question to the relevant person

  13. i would love to know when will the application form for 2015 internship open

  14. Please e-mail me the available posts

  15. Pliz let me knw whn the form is available

  16. Let my know when it open please

  17. I so would love to be part of all the new learners who have applied or those who are willing to

  18. if the formz r out plz forwad me learnership plz iam interested

  19. I am studying correctional services management at unisa, and I am on my 3rd level. I would love to be part of the 2014 learners.

  20. I try for 13 years to become a correctional officer so please let me know if anything is available thank you

  21. Hy admin how should i know if correctional leanerships are issues?

  22. Hello admin
    Let me know when it open please.

  23. Good day admin..been trying for 5 years now to become the correctional officer,even the begining of this year been checking to internet if theres any learnership advert posted yet.please let me know,im one of the youth who have past matric did criminology as a subect at school.please let me know if theres any learnership post out.thank you

  24. Hi would u please let me know when the new correctional services learnerships come out and where I can get an application form

  25. Hey there please email me the starting date of the correctional service learnership program for 2014…….

  26. Plz inform me when the application forms of correctional service learnership will be issued out by the DCS for 2014-2015.or call me on 0782023769

  27. Plz inform me of any internship and learnership programmes

  28. please email me the application forms for this learnership because i am very much interested and love to persue a career as an correctional officer. please notify us and i hope that since we are posting thse comments you are going to respond to them as it is important that you answer us because we leave comments here for you to read and help us out. so please dont disapoint HELP US OUT WE’RE IN NEED

  29. hi.i wil like u 2 email me de date of learnship plz im intrested

  30. Luxuriant Thompson

    Can you please help me by informing me about the date of a learnership program, I’ve been unemployed for almost ten years now, and I passed my matric very well. Please help I’m desperate and I can give my all to this opportunity. Contact me on my e-mail address:[email protected]

  31. I always want to work at DCS please email me the learnership post for 2014

  32. I wish to get information on learneship I complited matric in 2006. Had no money for studying I wish to work for correctional services 1 day.I’m 28 years old

  33. Hi ppl also looking some learnerships,plz assist if you can.Tnx.

  34. simphiwe vincent nqayi

    TO whom it may concern

  35. i would like to be part of the learnership for the 2014.

  36. Nolukhanyo Dyantyi

    Hi let me know about the post of learnership please I’ve been try longtime now

  37. Plz let me know when the forms are out

  38. I would like to be the part of learnership for 2014

  39. Send me the details plz

  40. All the best people since todae went for interview but never hearded anything from them

  41. evans b dlamini

    Please shre me the application form for learnerships

  42. phillip d mosianyane

    Please just send me the applicational form because I will like to be the part of the learner for 2014 to 2015

    • Hi here if u want application forms visit then click on the forms then learnership/Internship it can be downloaded. or go to your nearest department of labour but the lst time I called they told me the are no learnership posts yet, they will be out soon u can cll this number 0215506078 ask for urself 2.

  43. i just want to find out abt the post that was advertised in 2013 whether any recruitment was made for the jobless people that applied at Correctional Service?

  44. Hi,wil u plz inform me abt application forms coz m intrested

  45. Madaza simbonisiwe

    Please e-mail me when the forms are available

  46. I’m inters ted in this enter ship can u pls give me more details

  47. lindiwe makhunga

    Im very interested in working 4 da correctional services,please do consider me when the training starts please..

  48. Christellene Williams

    Im interested in the learnerships for correctional services please give me more info

  49. Sori, I mean info guys

  50. Please guys send me an e-mail immediately they make DCS learners hip forms available, will also do likewise.

  51. Its be long waiting for this opportunity,unfortunately those who waits always they Daley

  52. Its been long waiting for this opportunity,unfortunately those who waits always they Daley

  53. martha mutshinya

    When is it opening I have certificate in crime scene investigation and I did experiencial learning at the south African services for 12 months will I qualify?? You can also call me on 0767099191

  54. martha mutshinya

    oops sorry at the south African police service

  55. albertina Sehume

    I would like to be informed via email if there is correctional service learnership or admin post

  56. Hi,I want to know when are the post of DCS going be advertised

  57. Pls contact me on 071 375 046

  58. To whom it may concern, I’m 24 yearz old nw nd the age requirements is frm 18-35.wht I wana say at the DCS tey take frm 29 upwards. God nws y becoz those ppl are lazy nd tey awall they stay away frm work wthout xplanation. Y dnt u ppl gve us young youth ths opportunities becoz we wud appreciate ths job mre then them after all no1 force them to apply. Nd if tey ar acpted ten tey take the jobs for granted! Give us a chance pls I applied twice but never got in. So I hope whn the learnershp open soon I wl be acpted. I wud realy highly appreciate it from the bottom of my heart.!

  59. can you please email me learner ship forms

  60. Maikepa Keabetswe

    Hi could you please email me if there ia applications available or cal me on 0793665835,i see myself as correctional officer

  61. Busisiwe Zawula

    Hi could please email me if there is a application available or cal ma no 0783150321 plz am desperately

  62. Internships, learnerships, and anything one can do to further study or even vacancy please email me

  63. Hi could you please email me if there is applications available plz………

  64. Good day Sir/Madam

    I’m really interested in the correctional services learnership…
    I would like to know if the applications are still considered for this year, if they are not would you kindely forward me the application forms.
    Thank you
    Best regards

  65. wilson kholofelo

    dear sir\ma’am

    i will be happy to be part of youth that where empowerd by correctional service 2011 until 2013, so this year 2014 i will like to be part of the learnership,i have diploma in Animal production

    thank you in advance you be able to assist me with application form.

  66. Puseletso matle

    I realy want to be part of learners for this 2014 learnership,plz let me know

  67. mamello Constance Nthako

    DEAR SIR/MADAM i am interested in DCS learnership,hope i will get a part,please Email me the latest leanership or call me here 0739252616.Thank you

  68. Gladys Sebogodi

    Please let me know when the forms are available for the learnership. I need to apply. Thanks.

  69. Please provide me with the application forms on moipone.or 076 9800 336

  70. Good afternoon Sir/Madam I am interested in the learnerships of correctional service. Please can I be informed when the form are out.

  71. Dear sir/madam

    Can you please let me know if advert or post for internship are available so that I can take part

  72. Can u please let m know when there is available Learnership

  73. I would like to take part in this learnerships.

  74. I would like to be informed about the learnership ,I’ve done the course of Safety in Society Level NQF 4. Pleases inform me i would like to take part.

  75. I like the DCS I would love to have a job there: I’m in a possession of National Diploma in Policing, and Code C1 Driver’s Licence.
    your response will be highly appreciated.


  76. Everyone who is inteested in working for DCS must keep on checking DCS website,City press, and Sunday times. Normally these kind of posts are published once a year or once in two years time.
    1. Matric certificate,your symbols are not important.
    2. 18-35 years
    3. No criminal record
    Your tertiary qualification will not be considered.
    Itz the matter of being lucky.
    I am currently working for DCS, I know how things are done.
    2014/2015 posts have not been issued out yet.

    • can u just give me info bcz am always submitting the form but nothing happen now is ninth year without respond plz give me info for how can i get that job of mi dream.

    • Patricia Mashiloane

      Hlw,thanks very much for your advice and please let me know when the DCS learnership is open my Email and my number ([email protected],0729538791)

  77. Tsotetsi Palesa

    I will be happy to be part of Dcs,please inform me about the availablity of learneships application forms

  78. itumeleng phulane



  79. I will be happy to be informed about the learnership when it cames out.

  80. hi pls inform me when you have leanership or admin post

  81. Please inform when this opportunity arises again I would like to take part.

  82. Thanx Naphtally for the advise,I’m also intrested to be part of DCS Learnership. Can I kindly to be informed as soon as the Learnerships are opened.

  83. Plz if there z any form for Internships plz email me I’m realy interested

  84. I would also like to be informed cause i want this thing badly

  85. Please inform me oppertunities like learnership arise.I am really intrested.

  86. I’m a 26 year old lady wishing to at work at dcs if there are any leanership pls contact me on 0731373219

  87. Jeanine Mackers

    Please inform me when the next intake will be in 2015

  88. I would to be informed when a learnership advert for 2014 is out. Inform by email above,I wish to work for correctional services

  89. Emmanuel Van Wyk

    I’m really interested in becoming a Prison officer ,please let me know when the applications are out…I’ve been trying to get in please help thank you.

  90. Emmanuel Van Wyk

    I’m really interested in becoming a Prison officer ,please let me know when the applications are out…I’ve been trying to get in please help thank you.

  91. hi i want to know that can i stiil apply for the correctional services learnership programme 2014-2015.please reply i really need this.

  92. Gomotsegang Kok

    I would to be informed about the 2015 learnership in take.

  93. Xolisile Vusiwe

    There are no details as to where exactly one could get application forms for the 2015 learnership programes. i would like to be part of these programes too.

  94. paseka mohloare

    i would realy love to have that chance of serving DCS also this year,if god will put a big bless on me,,,i will be so thankful if i can get that gate of being updated on my email or on this number0761352592

  95. Laurentia Pulane Thinane

    i am really interested in being one of the students and become a prison officer one day,please let me know when the applications are open.I stay here in kroonstad.My numbers are 0832042485

  96. i would like to be an incubent of corretional service management

  97. i would like to be an incubent of corretional service management 0735480698

  98. Please email me any policing internship an jobs available

  99. can u pls email me the details when u issue the learnership. i have matric, im computer literate nd i also have diploma in office administration. i hope u will consider my application.

  100. I’m really interested & wish to be one of the students,my dream is to one day become a prison officer ,please let me know when the vacancies are open for the leanership, I stay here in pretoria .My numbers are – 0760586028

  101. Hello,please email me in any puplising learnerships please

  102. Andries Nhlapo

    Let us all know when learnership is advertised,I’m one of those want to be involved…on my email address.

  103. Khanyisile Moloi

    Hi Admin can u also email me when the learnerships are out I’m intrested and it’s been a long time trying to apply.Thanks in Advance

  104. I love that job with all my heart,plz send me if there is anything cnsnt that work plz

  105. Dear admin I was been applying for this job more than 6yrs can u please let me no when is leanership forms available I like be part of te correctional services department

  106. Hi, , please notify me immediately if there’s any learner ships, I am interested

  107. I am such a passionate person about correctional services , therefore Icant wait for the next learnerships to be advertised. WHEN IS THE NEXT INTAKE

  108. Dear sir/madam. I would be very glad if Iwill get more information about DCS recruitment but I hope one day I will be the luckiest to be recruited. Thank you in advance. Yours faithfully. Z.E Ngema

  109. I want to be one of the student of the correctional service becouse i’m interested for the post thanks

  110. My numbrs 0835827663

  111. Ntombizodwa Monnahela

    Hi,can you please let me know immediately when u advertise the correctional learnership for 2015,i would like to try my luck as im interested to work at correctional services department

  112. Can u please let m know when there is available Learnership

  113. Please email me the internships,and am interested in the correctional services so please let me know when the forms are available please,because I’ve completed my metric,ill be happy to get a respond thanks

  114. Hy plz inform me if there are any leanership in the correctional services thanx

  115. itumeleng chris

    Let’s share any available leaderships especially for the correctional and call me 0833082339

  116. Hi admin let me know if something is out please my number 0711051701

  117. please let me know if the learnerhip for 2015 is available so i can apply before closing date.

  118. I’m ready for the next coming DSC learnership 2014-2015,please inform me

  119. Pls notify me when there is learnership forms,am interested in correctional number is 0712945907.

  120. please inform me when there is learnership forms, I am interested in correctional service, my number is 0793187739

  121. please inform me when there is learnership forms, I am interested in correctional service, my number is 0729900494

  122. Pls let me know when the forms are available

  123. Please notify me when there is learnership forms for 2014-2015 please.

  124. Please help me,inform me whn 2015 applications are available here are my numbers 0747610110

  125. Nomvula Mahlangu

    Please e-mail me when the post are available thank u

  126. Pls inform as soon as forms are numbers r 0769354931

  127. I want a bursary for 2015 but i don’t know how can i get

  128. Nompumelelo Zamisa

    Can u please inform me when theres DCS Learnership available pls

  129. Sharon Nyakiso

    Please tell me when the Application forms are out guy hears my digits you can whatsapp me please 0734057968

  130. I would like to apply for a learneship @ DCS please contact me on this no 0726069160 i have completed hr&b admin &i also have 7years experience I security services

  131. I would like to apply for a learnership @ DCS please contact me on this no 0726069160 i have completed hr&b admin &i also have 7years experience In security services

  132. themba masondo

    Hi let m know when the applications form are available plz.ths job is my dream.u can contact m at [email protected] or text me at 0842386111

  133. I’m ready to join and excel at DCS please inform me .thanks .

  134. need a job

  135. Cathrine Masinga.

    Can you please inform me about the 2015 closing date for the DCS learnership programe, i would be glad to hear from you.

  136. Joseph Mxolisi

    Please notify me whe the learner ship of correctional services are available

  137. Please inform me when the learnership is published,I do realy love to be part of DCS.I can be reached at 0724086257 or [email protected]

  138. mdluli gundo rofhiwa

    I am very interested in learner ships please let me know as soon as possible people

  139. ntsepiseng mohale

    Please keep me informed, I would like to apply for the 2014-2015 intake at the department of correctional service

  140. I Will to join the dcs learnership when its Open. Pls inform me


  142. When will the application forms be available for 2014/2015 learnership

  143. Im Alexina its been a long time i am looking towards to work at D0CS. I have been applaying but my application never succed, so it will be my pleasure if i will be informed when leanership posted.

  144. Plz inform me when application forms are out 4 correctioal service.

  145. please send me email when application forms are available.

    thank you

  146. Pleas let me know if posts are available. .thnx

  147. please I’m in possession of B.CRIM degree looking for any job just phone me 0781067626 if there are any vacancy

  148. hi I am really interested in joining the next learnership programme, can you please contact me concerning the next opening.
    thank you kindly

  149. Gurchwin Adrean Malgas

    Good Day
    I want to be part of your learnerships, please. I am jobless and matriculated in 2010.

  150. when is the opening date for Nursing/Social worker leanership for 2015?

  151. I would really appreciate it if u could get back to me abuot the present DCS posts ,i want to apply for learnership 2015as soon as possible thank u

  152. ivon sonti shabalala

    I will realy love to join this department and I promise I will do my level best when given opportunity

  153. siphokazi E Ndlov

    please send me more information on correctional services learnership I am interested in correctional services is been long applying please help me to join the department

  154. hi am also interested with all my heart 2 join dcs post so plz just inform me when the post are open. I v’ben trying many time bt no feedback. what must I do.

  155. Please supply me with reference number for the learnership and correctional service centre

  156. Nondumiso Williams

    Please can you emailme the learnership forms

  157. Priscilla Mnyhila

    l want to be part of your learner ship program please am jobless, but l have matric and computer certificate am interested to join the learner ship place email me or call me on 078 385 2750 thank you

  158. Good day! May u please let me know when is the next intake for DCS learnership for 2016, as I would like to apply. Please email me!!!

  159. Gooday! can you please email me DCS learnrships for , i will like to apply.

  160. My son try to be a correctional official he even study safety in society and did apply for the learnership but no luck. What can the problem be ? For the DCS not to take him into the department. I wish to know what the problem was.

  161. please send me application form of correctional service

  162. HI can you please send me the application forms as i would like to take part in this Learnership

  163. Ephraim

    Please notify me whenever the correctional service internships/learnerships are available

  164. I am so interested i have NQF level 4 I’m in Cape Town.

  165. plz email me when the are available post

  166. Hi I’m also interested in a leanership and internship pls contact me when they number is 0724370745 or on my email given above.

    Thank you

  167. Thulisile Goodness Mphepie

    am interested please email me

  168. Hi m intrested in this learnership please inform me when there is available post.

  169. Hi, i want to be a part of DCS learnership programme ..please let me know if it open

    zanele Mpanza, 0826414567 KZN

  170. Please let me know if are out at pretoria

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