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Hot Dog Cafe Cadet Programme

jobs at hot dog cafe south africa cedit programme

The Hot Dog Cafe has started the latest Cadet Programme 2014 in Centurion Area, South Africa. The Hospitality and Catering Jobs have been announced by Hot Dog Cafe, where you will get training as cadet while working as a surfer. You will get training as Hot Dog Cafe Cadet through the special training programme in Centurion Area. The successful applications will get the Hot Dog Cafe Training free of charge. Hot Dog Cafe Cade Training Programme 2014 in South Africa It is a seven months Hot Dog Cafe Cadet Programme 2014, where the candidates will be trained both practically and theoretically in the Hospitality and Catering fields. It is also pertinent to mention here that one of the successful candidates will have the opportunity to own the business and the others will get permanent jobs at Hot Dog Cafe in South Africa. Successful applicants will be granted a small stipend during the seven month programme. Applicants will do the initial training (first 4 weeks) in at the Hot Dog Cafe Training Centre in Centurion (travel and accommodation will be arranged), …

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